Reputation Repair

Reputation Repair

Online reputation repair

online reputation repair

  • Online reputation repair.
  • Replace negative internet postings. Mugshots, etc. 
  • Remove negative news   articles from all search    engines.
  • Suppress all unwanted      search results.
  • Fight Internet defamation.
  • Protect your privacy.
  • Manage your online    reputation .
  • Take control of your online image.
  • Control what shows up in search results.
online reputation management
online reputation repair
reputation repair




Online Reputation Repair

Online Reputation Management
reputation repair online reputation repair
online reputation repair

 Online Reputation Repair. Are you embarrassed by what turns up when someone Googles you? Then you need online reputation repair.

  • Newspaper articles.
  • Mugshots                      Get rid of all these postings
  • Online Blogs

All that bad publicity is hurting you. Every time you apply for a job, or meet someone new chances are, they are searching the internet for information about you or your business. Take control of your online reputation. Gentech Labs has been serving the I.T. community for over 15 years. We specialize in removing all that negative information and keeping it off. We protect your online image, privacy and your online reputation.

Repair Negative Search Engine Results
Control You Public Relations Image by Repairing Your Online Reputation

Online Reputation repair and Management is quickly becoming a hot button issue in Search. Have you done a Google search for your business name, domain name, and your personal name? Hopefully the results are positive. But what can you do when the search engine results paint your company or name in a negative way... or worse!

Good businesses and people can have their online reputations turned upside down in a number
of ways.

  • Competitors scoring highly for your Brand Name
  • An arrest that made the local news
  • Jealous Competitors posting untrue information
  • Angry and Slanderous ex-employees or clients
  • Personal relationships that have been terminated
  • Unfortunate “one time” encounters that make it online
  • Unreasonable Customers that turn vindictive
  • If you have found information on the net that you don’t want searchers finding, read on.

    The Good News: With online reputation repair, it is possible to have the undesirable search engine result moved to a less visible spot in the search engine results pages.

    Suppression and Re-population:
    Online reputation repair, we use a number of SEO and content development tactics to suppress the unwanted results and repopulate the search results with positive, informative and educational material about you or your company. This is a time consuming process that can take many months to accomplish. The success of this type of project depends on the volume of damaging material that has made its way online. If there are multiple sites reporting your misfortune, it may take allot longer. Reputation Repair can be an ongoing battle for several years. If you are finding a few results that peg you as a “Rip Off” or “Bad Business” it will be allot faster. Additionally, if the attack is from a blog, forum, national or local news coverage, article, ezine or journal posting, we can provide results and repair your online reputation. We use our exclusive network of servers and sites, that were designed for online reputation repair.

    With the rise in popularity of sites such as the Rip Off Report and other message board forums, just about anything can be posted over the Internet and be displayed for the entire world to see, regardless of whether the information is true or not.  Internet defamation, left unchecked, can have devastating consequences for you, your company, or your organization.

Are you or your company the victim of a smear campaign by disgruntled ex-employees, customers, or competitors? Has the media covered you or your company in a negative way? Are those news articles now archived and showing up on internet searches? We can help you with online reputation repair.

Please contact us for a free confidential consultation.

Due to a change in Domain ownership and recent major changes by Google to it's algorythm, this site is not accepting clients. It is being mantained online 

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